Hit The Used Bookstore For Christian Themed Christmas Gifts

17 November 2016
 Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Blog


The Christmas season is coming up, so it's a good time to get started selecting gifts. If you're the type who likes to give books, and you're looking for some interesting, Christian themed novels, then head to your local used bookstore and find some real bargains. One of the advantages to looking in a used bookstore is that you can find older versions of the novels, so you might find one that has cool cover art that is no longer being used on new re-issues. Plus, you can feel the books and see the condition of them.

For The Younger Crowd: The Chronicles Of Narnia

If you are getting books for younger kids, then a great choice would be C.S. Lewis's famed series, The Chronicles of Narnia. These books are similar to Harry Potter, except they were written years before that series, and they have a religious subtext. Lewis created a fantasy world with a talking Lion (who is often read as a Christ figure), a powerful witch, dwarfs, and creatures drawn from Celtic and Greek mythology.

For Fans Of Thrillers: Brighton Rock

If you know someone who is a fan of thrillers, then a fantastic book is the Graham Greene classic Brighton Rock. This novel is set in the seaside town of Brighton. The main character is a gangster (Pinkie Brown) who kills another gangster. The plot revolves around Pinkie and how he has to evade arrest. He becomes involved with a young woman, while another, older woman (Ida) works to have him caught by the law. Greene, a Catholic, wrote a great thriller that also explores the notions of sin and guilt.

Fans Of Literary Fiction: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

If the person you're getting the gift for is into literary fiction, then Flannery O'Connor's collection A Good Man Is Hard To Find would make the perfect gift. O'Connor, a Catholic, wrote this collection of short stories set in the south (mainly Georgia) and explored notions of grace, sin, evil, and redemption. While that sounds heavy, the stories are funny (think very dark humor) and also fast paced. The title story is about a family who is traveling by car to visit relations in another part of the state when they run into "The Misfit", a criminal who brings them more than they bargained for.

Fans Of Horror: The Exorcist

Finally, if there's a horror fan that you're getting a book for, then check out The Exorcist. The book was written by Georgetown (a Jesuit University) alum William Peter Blatty. He consulted with real priests about the rites of exorcism to make sure the details were accurate. The novel concerns the demonic possession of a little girl in the Georgetown neighborhood of D.C. Two priests become involved in the fight for the young girl's soul.