Ensure A More Pleasant Experience By Practicing Cemetery Etiquette

15 December 2016
 Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Blog


For friends and family of the deceased, cemeteries are a very sacred place. It's a place where people come to find peace, feel love, and relive memories from the past. These are experiences that every person should be granted the opportunity to experience. To ensure this, everyone must play their part by practicing good cemetery etiquette.   

Keep Your Space Clean

Even if the cemetery where your loved one is located has an on-site facilities department, it's still important that you do your part to keep the space clean. For example, when you place flowers on the headstone, return to remove them once they begin to wither so that they aren't blowing all over the place.

In this instance, if you were visiting your loved one, you wouldn't appreciate it if flowers from another headstone blew onto theirs and covered it so extend this same courtesy to others.

Be Respectful

Never do anything at the grave site that you would be offended to see someone else do. Having pets freely room around without a leash, letting young children hop on headstones, and even driving onto the grassy areas are highly offensive practices that should be avoided.

Remember that the love you shared for your deceased love one is shared, in that each person there felt the same way about their deceased loved one. Give them the same respect you want extended to you when you are visiting and sharing this special time.  

Stay To Yourself

Cemeteries are a place where most people don't want to be social. They are generally deep in their thoughts, reliving the past, and expressing their love for the deceased. If you happen to be visiting when there is another individual nearby, avoid being overly friendly or trying to spark up a conversation.

Just like you probably don't want to be bothered all the time during your visits, they may share the same feelings. While it's kind to acknowledge their presence with a greeting, limit going too much further than this to ensure they have their alone time to focus solely on the reason for their visit.

When visiting a cemetery remember that this is a place that is all about respecting both the living and the deceased so ensure you are keeping this in mind. Practicing good cemetery etiquette protects the sacredness of the space, ensures tranquility, and allows everyone access to a peaceful and rewarding visit.

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