Ensure A More Pleasant Experience By Practicing Cemetery Etiquette

15 December 2016
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For friends and family of the deceased, cemeteries are a very sacred place. It's a place where people come to find peace, feel love, and relive memories from the past. These are experiences that every person should be granted the opportunity to experience. To ensure this, everyone must play their part by practicing good cemetery etiquette.    Keep Your Space Clean Even if the cemetery where your loved one is located has an on-site facilities department, it's still important that you do your part to keep the space clean. Read More 

Hit The Used Bookstore For Christian Themed Christmas Gifts

17 November 2016
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The Christmas season is coming up, so it's a good time to get started selecting gifts. If you're the type who likes to give books, and you're looking for some interesting, Christian themed novels, then head to your local used bookstore and find some real bargains. One of the advantages to looking in a used bookstore is that you can find older versions of the novels, so you might find one that has cool cover art that is no longer being used on new re-issues. Read More